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Movie Night with “Fighter in the Wind”

In continuing our tradition of film screening at our dojo related to the Japanese culture, this Saturday 14 May, we will be watching a movie called “Fighter in the Wind”. “Fighter in the Wind” is based on [...]

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Aikido for children

If you really want to give an unforgettable present to your children, what better way than to acquaint them with the art of Aikido. Through a process of learning and interactive games, we teach the [...]

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Road trip to Feneos lake

As an annual tradition of your dojo, prior to the exams of December and April and after a 3-week preparation, we take a trip to relax a few days before the exams. This year's excursion [...]

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Annual aikido and katori seminar

In continuing our efforts to promote Aikido and Katori Shinto Ryu in Greece, another annual seminar has been concluded succesfully. This year's seminar's guest was Mr. Erik Louw 6th dan aikikai /katori shinto ryu Mekyo [...]

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Annual New Year’s Celebration

This year, like every year, we got together at our dojo for our annual New Year’s celebration. A significant tradition for our team since we get to start the New Year by creating happy memories and [...]

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Aikido Practice no4

In our effort to be more extrovert, to advance cooperation between Aikido Schools and with a view to further promoting Aikido, as per the spirit ordained by our art, Athens Bushido Center, Shuren Dono N. [...]

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