Etiquette in the Dojo

εθιμοτυπία στο aikido

The Etiquette in a Dojo consists of rules for appropriate behavior and respect towards the dojo, the teacher and the art of Aikido. They must be followed by all students, new and old.

Some of the rules:

  1. Bow when you enter or leave the dojo.
  2. Take off your shoes when you enter the dojo and wash your feet before stepping on the tatami.
  3. Before each lesson, the tatami is cleaned with Dettol for the safety and hygiene of all practitioners. It is everyone’s responsibility to participate in this.
  4. Training starts and ends with a formal ritual. It is important that you are punctual in order to participate in this ritual. In the case you are late; you can enter the tatami after the warm up.
  5. If you want to ask Sensei a question go to him/her and ask. Do not call upon him/her to come to you thus disturbing the other practitioners.
  6. When you receive personal training/guidance/explanation, sit in seize position and follow. When the instruction is finished, bow and continue practicing.
  7. The purpose of your presence is your education. Do not try to force your opinions.
  8. If you know a technique and your partner is not familiar with it you may guide him/her but not correct. Only the Sensei or a trainer with a black belt degree can do that safely.
  9. Avoid all jewelry to prevent injury.
  10. It is forbidden to leave personal items in the dojo (gi, slippers, towels etc.).