EBMAS Wing Tzun is an advanced fighting style where nothing is left to chance. In order for the correct and immediate reaction to always be possible, there is not a vague set of techniques, but in each case “four basic principles” and “four rules of force” are used.
Wing Tzun does not consist of pre-arranged combinations nor is it based on choreographed and premeditated sequences of movements. With Wing Tzun, each of our moves is unique and adapts perfectly and naturally to each attack. Wing Tzun is a modern and realistic style, based on reality. Only techniques that can work in a real conflict are taught. Wing Tzun enables you to be able to defend effectively in a short time. Students are trained to acquire the ability to react extremely quickly, to adapt to the opponent, to defend against any kind of punches or kicks and to respond appropriately to the opponent’s attack.


Sports Chanbara is an international Japanese sword (and spear) sport, employing approximately 500,000 people in 63 countries. He is also known as Spochan, a cute abbreviation of his original name!

It has very simple rules and the weapons used are the so-called air soft, a patent of foam, silicone and an internal balloon on the body of the sword, which we inflate very easily with a bicycle pump. This patent allows the immediate involvement of the interested party, safely.
It follows the tradition of Japanese Sword and Spear Sports, in terms of hierarchy, distinction and rules of nobility, but is also governed by the lofty ideals of its Japanese Creator, Tensudo Tanabe, as well as the noblest form of rivalry, which states that A player who has been hit has to tell the referees even if they have not noticed it due to the high speed of the sport’s hit exchange.

At the athens bushido center seminar type courses are held!

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