Panagiotis Agrios
Panagiotis AgriosSensei, 5th Dan Aikikai

Panagiotis Agrios was born in Athens in 1975. From an early age he began his involvement in sports by training in boxing, while his first contact with martial arts was with judo at age 17. Athlete of the Panhellenic Gymnastics Association, he studied under the instruction of Athanasios Kaparos Sensei (6th Dan).

After completing his studies in conservation of antiquities and completing his military service, he became involved in the art of Aikido. The diversity of Aikido in relation to what he had studied until that point led him to make it a part of his life and train intensively from that point on.

Shortly before earning his black belt, he makes his first trip to Japan and remains as an enclosed student of Kazuo Igarashi Sensei. Returning to Greece realizes how crucial this experience was to him and decides that he wants to pursue a professional career in Aikido.

He begun studying the Japanese language in order to come closer to the Japanese culture and be ready for the next time that he will visit Japan. By acquiring a deeper knowledge of the Japanese culture, he strived to contact and be accepted at the oldest school of Japanese martial art and swordsmanship called Katori Shintō-ryū. After years of trying, finally he started studying under Erik Louw Menkyo Katori, Holland Shidosha, linking directrly thus our dojo with the only remaining master of Katori Shintō-ryū, Risuke Otake Shihan.

The October of 2014 in Amsterdam, Panagiotis Agrios made the traditional blood oath (keppan) in the presence of Nomutoshi Otake, marking him officially as a member of the Katori Shintō-ryū family.

From thits point on, he continues his studies in Aikido participating in local and international seminars and teaching in his Aikido School, Aikido Bushido Center. Currently he holds the rank of 5th Dan in Aikido, 1st Dan in Judo and 1st Dan in Jiu Jitsu. He is a certified trainer of Jiu Jitsu from the General Secretariat of Sports and certified instructor of aikido(Shidoin) from the Aikido World Alliance.

He also possesses the rank of Master Usui Reiki and he is an instructor for the voluntary KETHEA Aikido Learning Program for female inmates of the Thebes Penitentiary Facility.

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George Alesios
George Alesios3rd Dan Aikikai

George Alessios was born in 1975. His first contact with sports began in 1984 with the Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling. From that point since 1986, he has been trying other martial arts to finally discover and settle his focus on Aikido. Since 2004 he systematically trains in the art of Aikido and  holds the rank of 3rd Dan.

In addition,  he studied the art of Judo under Athanasios Caparos Sensei, where he acquired the rank of 1st Dan. Today he trains and teaches Aikido in Athens Bushido Center.

Rafail Prifti
Rafail PriftiFukushidoin, 3rd Dan Aikikai

Raphael Priftis was born in 1989 and from an early age showed a great interest in martial arts. Aikido has been a part of his life for the last eight years, an art that won him over from the very first time. Under the guidance of instructor Panagiotis Agrios, he reached the rank of 3rd Dan Aikikai.

He has the title of Fukushidoin, a degree certifying his ability to be an assistant instructor. Raphael is an assistant instructor and teaches at Athens Bushido Center and at Masagatsu dojo in Petroupoli.