Annual Program


8th – starting lessons

25th – 4nd United Aikido Dojos meeting/gatherin/congress

March Katori Shinto ryu seminar (japanese fencing ) with Eric Louw Sensei Menkyo Katori, Holland Shidosha

19 – trip to the Loutraki thermal springs

25 Kyu exams

June 20 Annual seminar by Chief instructor UAD, Panagiotis Agrios 5th Dan shidoin

18 Kyu exams

25th  – ‘goodbye’ summer swim and the end of the lessons for the summer

August Trip to Japan at TokyoNaritaKyoto for the creation of cultural relationships with several Japanese schools about the culture of Japan.
September 2th – start of lessons
October 2ο Japanese festival

14-15 Aikido seminar with EricLouwSensei, technical consultant of UAD 25 Dan exams

common training with schools outside UAD


12th – trip to Thermopyles

19 Kyu exams – Christmas goodbye party

24th – Christmas holidays