Annual Program


2nd of the month – Beginning of the year

28 4th United aikido dojos congress

March Seminar Katori shinto ryu 28-29-30-31-1 (traditional Japanese fencing) with Dave
Michael Bonell Sensei Menkyo Katori from Shinbukan dojo Japan

23-Excursion to the thermal baths of Loutraki

23th Kyu exams

May Japanese festival (date to be announced soon)
June 16th of the month Annual seminar of Chief instructor UAD, Panagiotis Agriou 5th
Dan shidoin

21 Kyu Exams

28th of the month – Farewell summer bath and end of classes for the summer

August Summer Vacation
September Trip to Japan August 31-September 16 in the Tokyo-Narita-Kyoto areas with the aim of training our members at the Shinbukan Dojo (headquarters of katori shintyo ryu) and the Aikikai foundation (headquarters of the Japanese aikido federation in Japan) as well as for the creating cultural contact with different Japanese schools concerning the culture of Japan.
November Celebrations for the 15 years of Athens Bushido center.
Seminar with Shihan Philip Smith 7th Dan aikikai

10th of the month – Excursion to Thermopylae

17 Kyu exams

23rd of the month – Christmas holidays