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Taiko: Days of Japanese Culture

A particularly pleasant surprise came as part of our “Days of Japanese Culture” events since the interest and participation of the public were much wider than expected! Of course, this provided us with a strong [...]

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Aikido: The path to harmony. But harmony as to what?

We all, more or less, have in mind the meaning of the word "aikido", which defines the art in which we practice. We could say without this, of course, being the definitive or sole interpretation [...]

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Petteri Silenius 6 Dan Shihan seminar

The United Aikido Dojos stated present at the seminar by Petteri Silenius 6 Dan Shihan, which took place in Athens; thus our nine members, of different rank, had the opportunity to meet again with an [...]

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The art of Shiatsu

Τhe Athens Bushido Center, an institution promoting the Japanese culture in general, hereby announces that during 2017-2018, every three months, there will be free events, open to everyone who wishes to participate, in an effort [...]

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Caesar’s wife

"It is not enough for Caesar's wife to be honest, she must appear to be honest too," Julius Caesar said once, when his wife was accused of infidelity. Starting with this phrase, I would like [...]

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Why choosing martial arts?

Why would one start practicing martial arts? There can be many reasons, more or less obvious, e.g. the need for physical exercise or weight loss, a low self-esteem, acquiring self-defense skills, the need for socializing, [...]

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