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Athens Bushido CenterAthens Bushido Center was created to meet the need of people who seek a meaningful contact with martial arts, the Japanese cultures and generally with the Asian ideals.

Our school aimes at people who are not looking for competition, superficial attendance and showing off through victory, just like in sports. All arts that are taught here, respresents our philosophy, as none of them have competitions and matches and they do not encourage rivalty. Instead, they require from their participants dedication, patience and deep love. Love not only for the martial art but also for the Japanese culture.

Our belief is that it is not enough just to learn but it is important to contribute to changing our culture and the japanese culture for the better. We must respect the etiquette of these arts and to transfer them intact to future generations, as we oureslves have received them throughout  centuries of their existence.

For the quality and the high level of teaching and dissemination of aikido in Greece, the Athens Bushido center has received honorary recognition from the Japanese federation Aikikai foundation as well as the permission to conduct an examination for black belts.This recognition not only honors our work as a whole but also reflects the seriousness and love with which we engage with Japanese arts as a whole.

Athens Bushido Center is a non-profit school that aims to deepen and promote the cultural heritage of Japan in our country. For that purpose, besides the classes, there are various cultural events organised, such as film screenings, excursions, participation in various events and more.

We invite you to join and walk along side with us through our journey to the amazing world of martial arts.

Our News & Articles

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Taiko: Days of Japanese Culture

October 17th, 2017|0 Comments

A particularly pleasant surprise came as part of our “Days of Japanese Culture” events since the interest and participation of the public were much wider than expected! Of course, this provided us with a strong [...]

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Aikido: The path to harmony. But harmony as to what?

July 5th, 2017|0 Comments

We all, more or less, have in mind the meaning of the word "aikido", which defines the art in which we practice. We could say without this, of course, being the definitive or sole interpretation [...]

  • Petteri Sillenious 6 dan shihan seminar

Petteri Silenius 6 Dan Shihan seminar

June 18th, 2017|0 Comments

The United Aikido Dojos stated present at the seminar by Petteri Silenius 6 Dan Shihan, which took place in Athens; thus our nine members, of different rank, had the opportunity to meet again with an [...]

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