Due to the continuing training of the schools under the guidance of Aikido World Alliance and the strengthening of relationships among them, Athens bushido Center organizes joint training at the dojo 11 Tousa Botsari Str in Koukaki.

Since our first joint training was met with much enthusiasm and positive reception, we decided that each year, the door of our dojo will be open for more fellow schools and eager aikidokas to practice together.

This year, the dojos that will participate together are: the “Randori Dojo” at Piraeus, the Martial Art Institute “Dojang” at Ag. Dimitrios and the “Shuren Dojo” in Nea Smyrni.

Our next joint training will be in January of 2016, at the school of the “Randori Dojo” at Piraeus.

Let’s practice some aikido together!