katori training in Japan2In our effort to continue training and to stay in touch with the traditional martial arts of Japan, the lead instructor of Athens Bushido Center, Panagiotis Agrios has completed his annual trip to Japan at the beginning of July.

During this trip, while accompanying Menkyo Katori shinto ryu, Erik Louw, he visited the Shinbukan Dojo, head school of Katori shinto ryu. The school is under the supervision of Risuke Otake sensei, the greatest living swordsman in Japan. It is worth mentioning that in order for someone to train at the Shinbukan dojo, it is required that he or she had taken the keppan, the blood oath as instructed by the etiquette of Katori Shinto ryu.

During his stay in Japan, Panagiotis Agrios had the chance to train with many katorika both Japanese and of other nationalities, but also he had the opportunity to be instructed personally by Otake sensei himself.

Athens Bushido Center is the only school in Greece connected to the Shinbukan dojo and Otake Risuke sensei. For more information, please visit www.katori.gr and www.aikidobushidocenter.gr.